Festival 2018

5th International Summer School of Architecture,
Art & Design


ancient heritages
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 27 Jul → 05 Aug
Mazara - Sicily

Workshop - Open Call -  Deadline 15 June



the quarries system: over 100 thousand square meters divided into tunnels, caverns,parks and gardens.

look at the presentation of the project to the Ministry →

Although representing a quarter of the national cultural heritage, Sicily manages to attract only 10% of visitors who fill sites and places of interest on the peninsula each year. The data show how much the origin of this phenomenon resides both in the lack of development and promotion policies, as in the poor management of the tourist-cultural facilities, which make these places more and more distant from the new needs of the users.

Yet, in the rest of the world,
cultural spaces - museums, libraries, parks - keep pace with the times, hybridize new services and aim at innovation as a guarantee of success.
Around them are born communities, projects, moving from the role of the promotion of culture to the promotion of new synergies for the territory, intercepting increasingly younger targets and becoming new magnets of development. Today's museums speak to an audience that has in the meantime evolved into languages, interactions and lifestyles. No longer passive containers of information, but museums open to their surroundings of territories, contextsand users.

From these considerations comes the fifth edition of the festival of Periferica, more than ever linked to the functional regeneration of a space. With the support of Urban Lungs and Unipolis Foundation, a part of the Periferica quarry will be converted into a museum-exhibition space able to bringout the aspects of the hypogeal Mazara: a system of over 100 thousand square meters divided into galleries, caverns, parks and gardens.
co-creation processes and training paths, we want to bring this heritage - made up of places and people - at the center of new development dynamics linked to a vision of community.
Starting from a question: what should a museum open up to?


10 days of workshop laboratories, and events to reactivate an abandoned area,
the community

Reactivating a space that has been decommissioned for years in the city's first cultural park involving young creative talents, local realities and communities: with this objective, Periferica has so far involved hundreds of students who come to Mazara every year from different parts of Europe to contribute to the process regeneration and discover the city.

Every year we experiment temporarily reactivation of specific area with co-creation methods.
The program, built together with other realities of the territory, includes university workshops, creative laboratories and collateral events.

Periferica is a project that since 2013 has started in the outskirts of Mazara a process of investigation, design and construction participated by putting universities, associations and businesses together, and placing the citizen in a position to take positive action on their territory.
Since 2015, thanks to the Boom Urban Lungs program, it has been promoting the reactivation of an abandoned area through training, artistic and cultural processes for the creation of the city's first cultural park.
Periferica won the Ri.U.So award and was listed among the best Italian urban regeneration projects.


80 participants from all over Europe in Mazara including training, sea and events.
In the middle of summer.


Periferica launches a call addressed to university students and young professionals who want to participate in architecture, design and communication workshops during the fifth edition of the festival of urban regeneration.

You can apply as a
Participant or Tutor.
80 people can participate in the workshops and can apply by June 15 via an official form.

We suggest to the interested ones to submit to candidacy as soon as possible: the selection is almost immediate and subject to availability.

For the fifth edition, Periferica extends the call to companies, associations and volunteers who want to enrich the program of activities or support the event. It is possible to propose new training modules for workshops and laboratories, or to apply as volunteer in full synergy with the Periferica team.

There is time until June 15 to participate as a partner or volunteer.
Let's work together!